University 2022/2023

You have elected Charles de Groot and Amien Abid to represent you in the University Council for the academic year 2022-2023. Cheers to a year of improving student welfare!

Read the manifesto of our elected candidates for the 2022-2023

Student material well-being

  • Add a Microwave in the Inner-city library 
  • A €14 minimum wage for all interUM student contracts: No more age wage discrimination. 
  • Free period products in ALL facilities
  • Free condoms
  • Negotiating for additional STD/STI testing at the GGD: All students can get 1 free test a year, but we believe that with the recent spread of STDs/STIs in Maastricht, the university should negotiate with the GGD (located on Brouwersweg) for 3 free tests a year
  • Temporary housing assistance for incoming students: negotiations between the university and the municipality to rent hotel rooms

Representing students

  • Create a student assembly where student matters are discussed and reported to the University Board
  • Publish minutes of the University council online and create a UM council Facebook and Instagram page to promote transparency. 
  • Publish semester updates to the work of the UC


  • Building a new student complex in Randwyck 
  • Promote sustainable student initiatives such as Eatly and Pop Boutique to the wider student population
  • Create activities between incoming international students and the locals in order to get to know dutch culture and cuisine
  • Provide a list of Maastricht GP/ doctors on the SSC website

Sustainability & accessibility of our Campus 

  • Take your cup, 10 cents cheaper coffee
  • Accessibility for disabled students: continue to further digitalise the UM campus and make buildings such as Tapijn accessible for people with disabilities
  • Eco-friendly soap in all facilities
  • Recycled toilet paper in all facilities

Don’t just hope for change. By voting NovUM, you vote for change.

Charles and Amien