SBE 2023/2024

You have elected Lorenzo Borchers to represent you in the SBE Council for the academic year 2023-2024. Cheers to a year of improving student welfare!

Read the manifesto of our elected candidate for the 2023-2024!

Fellow Students of the School of Business & Economics,

Our faculty attracts people from all over the world to grow and learn together. NovUM believes that we have a vast untapped potential within the faculty: your input. To address this, we: Andy, Lorenzo, Remi, and Valérie; have developed initial proposals to enhance the faculty’s offerings, based on NovUm’s 4 policy pillars.


  • We want to ensure every student has a comfortable place to live in Maastricht. Being an international student, it is sometimes hard to find information as where to look for housing. Therefore, we propose that once your enrollment has been completed, the faculty should send you an email which includes links to reliable housing websites & Facebook groups. With this email being send around April – May instead of June, students have a better chance to find suitable housing in Maastricht.


  • The business world is extremely competitive. Therefore, there should be an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities such as internships. With SBE only offering 8-weeks of summer vacation, and an internship usually being at least 3-months, there is no opportunity to complete one during your studies at SBE, without causing delay. We would like to propose that the last 2 weeks and the first 2 weeks of every academic school year should be more flexible, students would be able to take evening classes or miss them, so that they are able to complete an internship. This would be done in discussion with the internship office at SBE.
  • Do you ever feel lost? University can be very overwhelming; it only becomes harder when the information about your curricular is hard to find. Intranet is not an easy place to navigate, even though it houses almost all the essential information. We propose that every semester an information email/lecture takes place, to update students on important events/decisions happening that semester, such as exchange options, specialization/major information sessions, etc.


  • A big selling point of Maastricht University is its international community. However, people tend to stay friends mostly with their co-nationals. To help people mix more, and get out of the mundane, we propose that every year in the first period an Information Market takes place in the Mensa. This market will showcase all different commissions, events & student associations you can join in your time at SBE. We believe that students will become more aware of their options this way, and it will be easier to make new international connections.


  • We believe that there are a few small differences we could make at SBE that could have a big impact, such as placing more bins in the tutorial rooms, leaving windows closed when the heating is on and promoting the gardens/courtyard at the SBE as a study place when the weather is nice.
  • A big difference we could make as a community is removing the disposable coffee cups at SBE. Instead opting to use your own thermos can or mug. We would propose to implement this slowly, with students getting a 10-cent discount on their coffee when they bring their own cup.

Do you want to help us achieve these goals? Do you want to have your voice hard in SBE’s decision-making? Do you want to make this faculty better starting today?

Vote NovUM!

We want to speak up on behalf of all students at SBE and will not simply fight for our own ideas but represent your interests. Therefore, we will need your input, by telling us your concerns and suggestions for the faculty! If you want to be represented by a team of open-minded, active, and engaged group of students, vote for NovUM!