Become a board member

Are you interested in NovUM or student representation, but don’t know how to get involved?
Several options exist, such as becoming a NovUM board member. If you want to manage the party, keep reading!

NovUM is led by a board, whose role is to is to direct the party’s affairs, ensure the party’s prosperity, and meet the interests of students, the NovUM members, and the NovUM councillors. Every year in June, the board calls for applications to constitute the board for the next year. In a nutshell:

  • The president represents NovUM and ensures all projects and tasks are achieved in time
  • The vice president helps the president, and usually coordinates the election period
  • The treasurer takes care of the financial aspects of the party
  • The secretary takes care of the administrative matters, ensures that the meetings are organised and minuted, and in general communicates a lot within and out of the party
  • The political officer ensures good relations and communication with our members, councillors, partners and with other parties’ and associations’ board. The PO is also responsible for increasing our number of members, councillors and partners
  • The public relations officer ensures NovUM’s presence in students’ life by making NovUM active online (Facebook, Instagram, website), and offline (diverse events)

Do you think your skills would fit one of the jobs above? Stay tuned to our social media and apply for a board position in June!