Party Vision

At a glance, our party vision consists of 4 pillars:

  • Quality: our aim is to improve the quality of teaching, education, services, and facilities at Maastricht University. This includes plans to raise the efficiency of the PBL system through small tutorial groups, qualified student tutors, and an introduction to the PBL system for all students. We also believe in the importance of offering study rooms to UM students.
  • Accessibility: NovUM believes that higher education should be accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and encourages Maastricht University to take on a position in politics to lower student financial involvement for higher education in the Netherlands and the EU. Furthermore, we deem it critical that students are able to gain hands-on work experience through university employment. As a student representation party, we value fair, transparent, and ethical election policies.
  • Integration: because we are an international party, we support integration and place high importance language proficiency. Therefore, we are for the implementation of language courses into student curricula. We see learning Dutch as an important step towards integration between students and the city of Maastricht, which is why NovUM achieved in corporation with the other student representation parties the availability of free Dutch language courses for first year bachelor students.
  • Sustainability: NovUM is a supporter of Maastricht University’s Green Office. As such, we stand for promoting and enforcing sustainability in the classroom and beyond. It is our goal to reduce waste, CO2 emissions, and water consumption at Maastricht University and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Access to full vision

Click here for the full vision: VISION-8