Don't hope for it, vote for it!

Dear students,

We are:

  • The fastest growing party from 2020 to now
  • The only party representing you in all 6 councils since 2021
  • The only party to grow in votes and seats in the 2022 elections
  • The second most popular party at UM in terms of vote share

Together, we strive for change, from improving wellbeing and administrative support for international students, to fighting for accessible housing, to making day-to-day operations at UM more sustainable.

If you believe in a better UM, join us!

Learn more about how you can get involved (check out the menu at the top of our website) and our vision.


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novum student representatives (one or plus in each council!)
years of experience in student representation at UM
Different Nationalities Among our Members
party for each and every student

Student Representation

University 2022/2023
You have elected Charles de Groot and Amien Abid to represent you in the University Council for the...
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FASoS 2022/2023
You have elected Dylan Seijmonsbergen and Maaike van Uum to represent you in the FAS...
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FHML 2022/2023
You have elected Yasemin Kaya, Yesim Kaya and Mahrukh Akhtar to represent you in the...
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FPN 2022/2023
You have elected Maike Hinrichs to represent you in the FPN Council for the academic year...
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FSE 2022/2023
You have elected Jan Super and Daniel Foldes to represent you in the FSE Counci...
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FoL 2022/2023
You have elected Zuzanna Wesierska to represent you in the FoL Council for the academic y...
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Student Elections: What’s it about?
March 9, 2023 🎥🔍 Curious about the Student Elections? 🤔 Watch this video to discover what it's all about and how you can make a positive impact on our cam...
WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! – Faculty & University Councils
March 7, 2023
📣 Calling all students! 🎓 NovUM wants YOU, and together to fight for a place in the faculty and university council! ✨ Make a positive impact, inspire future leaders, and drive innova...