FoL 2023/2024

You have elected Aleksandra Jablkowska and Nandika Singh to represent you in the FoL Council for the academic year 2023-2024. Cheers to a year of improving student welfare!

Read the manifesto of our elected candidates for the 2023-2024!


  • Increase the amount of bookable study rooms in the FoL.
  • Extended feedback on exams in order to allow students to improve their abilities.
  • Organisation of a book fair for easier access to cheaper books.
  • More accessible education for students with disabilities.


  • Limiting use of paper-based resources in favor of legal electronic materials.


  • Improvement of the intensity of dialogue between students and the faculty council: Feedback box and Plebiscites on most important topics.
  • Increase in events for all FoL students to increase the feeling of community in the faculty (gala).
  • Better spread of faculty information: UM ambassador and FoL instagram accounts should be less focused on prospective students but on spreading current info.
  • Better spread of faculty information: UM news not read as much by students in comparison to instagram.