FoL 2022/2023

You have elected Zuzanna Wesierska to represent you in the FoL Council for the academic year 2022-2023. Cheers to a year of improving student welfare!

Read the manifesto of our elected candidate for the 2022-2023

Dear Law Faculty Students,

Reading this, you might be sipping a morning coffee in the Faculty’s cafe, or maybe enjoying
the sun in the garden full of blooming flowers, perhaps you’re sitting in the library or maybe
it’s already late at night and you’re finishing another day of your studies.

We’d like to believe that every day in Maastricht is different, but it’s more likely that you have
your routine, with all its ups and downs. We dare say that however much you can love
Maastricht, your university, the Law Faculty, you encounter smaller and bigger obstacles on
your academic path. Maybe it’s the access to mental and social support, maybe it’s trouble
with integration, perhaps it’s the tight academic calendar or yet another inconvenience or
real issue you feel like you need to deal with on your own.

Don’t be mistaken! Don’t hope for a change, vote for it. We, Zuzanna, Rachmadinsa, Obz,
Rosa, Greta and Aung wish to represent your needs, dreams and ideas at the Law Faculty
Council on behalf of the NovUM party in the following academic year.
If you believe in inclusivity, wish for greater integration, support sustainability and want these
to be intrinsic guidelines of our Faculty’s future, we’re happy to introduce you to our

We support student-oriented education, so we put in for standardized and elaborated
on papers and exams, which won’t leave you without doubts to your grades and
will improve your chance of academic progress.

We believe it is essential to enable students the best career development so we want further
enhancement of the career and study advice opportunities.

We value integration and inclusivity so we plan to organize Law Faculty events, with social,
interpersonal and extracurricular character – especially a Year Opening event. We also plan
to set up a Law Student Forum, which will give you a space to settle any tensions and will
provide an opportunity for social networking.

We understand the value of your opinions so we introduce an Open Postbox – a virtual
platform, where you can submit any questions, thoughts, complaints. We can then truly
represent your needs at the Faculty Council.

We know how much you value your time and we appreciate all your efforts so we want to
help you during your studies by demanding more study places at the Faculty and advocating
for an extension of opening hours at the Library.

We also give our full support for all NovUM Education, Sustainability, Housing and
Internationalism policies. We’d like to be your companions, your representatives, we want to
be your candidates. If you wish to have a voice, speak up now and vote for NovUM!