Our connections

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In the past

We organised diverse activities with other organisations such as lectures on sustainability with the Green Office, workshops and presentations to prepare our candidates for the elections with Landelijk Overleg Fracties, and a presentation course to train our members to debate with Socrates (which was unfortunaly cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus).


We contacted the United Nations Student Association to hold a meeting about student politics at Maastricht. What came out of it was that UNSA would take several initiatives to educate the student community in complete fairness and objectivity about student representation and parties. So far, they have written a few articles based on interviews of student parties (including us!). More is coming!

We were contacted by the Maastricht Student Union to be part of their housing committee. This panel brings together several people to discuss how to advocate towards optimal policy in the areas of affordability, availability and quality of student housing. Our political officer is the one representing NovUM in this committee.

D66 Maastricht contacted us for a meeting with other associations (UCMSA – Universalis, Maastricht Student Union, SCOPE Maastricht, and MSV Santé) on 3rd December 2020. The participants discussed student housing, online exams proctoring, student wellbeing, and ways to bring the students and the municipality closer.
We then suggested to take this meeting further; therefore, our secretary and political officer met with Thomas Gardien and two municipal officials from D66 Maastricht on 1st February 2021. They discussed students’ concerns related to housing and potential solutions. Thanks to this meeting, our concerns were brought to the alderman, which means that the policy makers of Maastricht will tackle them!
Lastly, on our initiative, we held an interview with Carline Van Breugel from D66 on 26th February 2021 to educate our international members and followers on Dutch politics. This enables an easier integration of international students in the society of the country in which they live!

To the same end, we held an interview with Babbe Cuppens and Hans Passenier from Groenlinks Maastricht on 8th March 2021.

On 1st March 2021, we held a meeting with O.H.D Odysseus after they contacted us because we have some key objectives in common: facilitate the integration of international students into our beautiful Maastricht, while preserving the Dutch vibe that characterises the city!


In November, we collaborated with the Wellbeing Movement for their Wellbeing week: we organised a walk in the woods.

From February to March, we held the “pillar events”. Our then Vice-President Sarah Cloes managed to network with lots of organisations and individuals to make these events unique.

In April, we participated to the Sustainability Week market by having a stand and discussing what we do for sustainability, as well as receiving input from the students on what matters for sustainability.

In May, we participated for the second time to the UNSA‘s election debate.