September Highlights from the Councils

September is for committee assignments: the University Council and most faculty councils are divided into committees to work on specific policy areas.

  • Maike Hinrichs (FPN) -> Decolonisation Committee
  • Adina Tarbasanu (SBE) -> Academic Committee
  • Pablo de Borman (SBE) -> Mental Health Committee
  • Charles de Groot (UC) -> Operations Committee
  • Amien Abid (UC) -> Operations Committee and Strategy Committee
  • Maaike Van Uum (FASoS) -> DEIA (Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity and Accessibility)
  • Dylan Van Seijmonsbergen (FASoS) -> Marketing and Communication


  • Working on an overview of where students can seek support for different issues.


  • Discussing introducing regular wellbeing activities such as yoga;
  • Continuing last year’s project of connecting students with UM psychology students for informal wellbeing support;
  • Planning to spread mental health awareness through social media channels;


  • Passed initiative to put a microwave in the ICL;
  • Passed initiative to extend university support for free period products in all faculties;
  • Pushing for better communication of the availability of grants for students forced to rent hotel rooms due to housing shortage;
  • You can use the Google Form linked in our bio to directly communicate any other issues you would like our University Councillors to bring up;


  • Dylan is appointed as Event Planner and has already started working on promise to have more events at faculty to promote community- FASoS besties, stay tuned for event announcements! 
  • Last year we implemented a QR code at FASoS through which students could report harassment and undesirable behaviour- this year, they are working on extending this initiative and expanding it throughout UM.


  • Scheduled a policy day to plan priorities for the year;
  • Yasemin attended Interfaculty Medicine Students meeting where it was discussed the problem of medical students structurally overworking and the prevalence of undesirable behaviour suffered by medical students.


  • Proposed spreading awareness about UM news, events and associations by making it the background of UM desktop computers;
  • Jan collected 131 signatures on a petition in favour of streaming lectures;
  • Proposed to make lecture recordings available to students studying for a resit if they made a demonstrable effort to pass the first time.