NovUM is looking for candidates!

Do you feel that some things at our university could be improved? Are you interested in student politics? Do you want to become active and make a change?

Then we might be looking just for you!

NovUM is looking for new candidates for the university elections in May. To become a student representative in your Faculty Council or the University Council, please send your CV and a motivation letter to

Deadline: March 13

Do you still have questions or do you want to get to know us before applying?

Join us for our information drinks on March 10, 21H00 at the Tribunal.

NovUM is one of the two university-wide student representation parties in Maastricht. We are based on the four pillars of Quality of UM, Integration, Accessibility and Sustainability. Currently, there are 22 NovUM student representatives in five Faculty Councils and the University Council. Do you want to become one of them next year? Apply now!