Housing News!


100 new housing units will become available in Randwyck every week until November;

120 housing units in Sittard were also made available to UM students unable to find housing in Maastricht;

400-500 new housing units were delivered in time for the beginning of this academic year;

500 more new units will be added before the end of the year;

1000 new rooms will also be completed by September 2023, if no housing projects are delayed.


Students can still register to rent the new units in Randwyck at: https://www.hureninsorbonnelaanmaastricht.nl

The rent is between €427 (unfurnished) and a maximum of €485 (furnished). All units are self-contained, making them eligible for rent allowance for 18 to 22-year-olds.


  • The municipality is piloting a policy of allowing locals to take in students as ‘boarders’ without a permit, which aims to create 100 additional spaces by the end of 2022.
  • Maastricht Housing has also launched www.couchsurfingmaastricht.nl, where students without housing can be matched with hosts for temporary accommodation.
  • There is still a bit of a problem for now especially because of scams and landlord malpractice but the situation is looking up.