FoL 2020/2021

The candidate you elected as your councillor
for the academic year 2020-2021: Cihan Sahin

Meet your FdR Representatives
and read what they stand for!


Dear colleagues, on behalf of NovUM, we consider it our responsibility to actualize the commitments that are necessary for improving the quality of our faculty. 

 Although UM has many services and provisions to provide and maintain the quality of the academic ambiance, the room for improvement to pursue the perfection, though an impossible ideal, is what must be accomplished for our beloved colleagues. Therefore, we seek to remedy any insufficiency and to enhance the faculty facilities to give a fulfilling atmosphere while our colleagues are busy with their academic pursuits.

During this difficult time, we need to make sure that we stay patient and together, and focus on maintaining the educational quality of our academic community. To do that, if you give us the pleasure to be a part of the faculty council, we are planning:

–        To diversify options for minor programs for providing an opportunity to expand students’ access to the different means of self-improvement
–        To create more study space for ensuring appropriate study environment for the hard-working brains of our university
–        To provide our diverse student body with various food and dietary options for inclusivity for  all preferences
–        To arrange a praying space for our students from all faiths to finally take another step toward building a more tolerant and international community
–       To increase the awareness of our fellow students by organizing informative events more regularly
–        To arrange insertion of water tap(s) and a microwave for the cafeteria
–        To decrease the amount of paper used in courses
–        To increase the visible accessibility to whiteboards and the number of power outlets in the classrooms
–        To try convincing the faculty to establish a career counseling unit to guide our colleagues’ future career plannings and endeavours

If we get elected, during our time in the council, we will listen to the voice of our colleagues by making surveys and utilizing various alternative methods, and we will bring all those matters during the council meetings.