Meet your FHML Representatives for 2017/2018 and read what they stand for!


On behalf of NovUM it is our goal is to improve our faculty’s quality by fighting for student-centred education. With NovUM having over a decade of experience in student representation, the knowledge we have obtained has learned us several subjects are of importance in improving our faculty’s quality. 

Regarding international internships, minors and exchange programs, our goal is to connect with more partner universities around the globe, tackling the increasing lack of internship places at the FHML and supporting overall globalization of our faculty.

Subsequently, e-lectures as educational tool should be introduced faculty broad as pilots seem to be successful. This will be an appreciated feature for many students as it improves the learning curve of students by allowing e.g. detailed revision.

We also want to fight for subsidized laptops and more e-books, making studying less costly and more sustainable. Next to this, we want lectures to be uploaded beforehand in a standardized format, making it easier to follow lectures and make notes.

Regarding study facilities there is still an insufficiency at the FHML. Therefore, we want to increase the current capacity of spaces to study and make the learning environment more silent by implementing a quiet and sustainable solution to the air-dryers in the library. Also, we want updated Wi-Fi and for there to be more sockets around faculty buildings.

Another point we want to improve is the food in the Mensa, meaning low-priced, diversified and healthier suggestions.

Next to this, we would like to implement personalized timetables to make every student’s individual learning experience more personal. This will enable each student to easily schedule their program according to their needs regarding extracurricular activities and e.g. second Bachelor or Master degrees.

Lastly, we would like to standardize exam feedback as right now every block has their own way of providing students with feedback on their exams. In order to give students fair chances in commenting on their test results there should be full transparency on the right answers to the questions of all exams and the way in which points are awarded to answered questions. Next to this, all students should have a clear notice on the period in which they can comment on exam questions. This goes for regular exams as well as resits.

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Candidates for 2017/2018 elections

Nawid Daliry – Michelle van Holten – Vincenzo di Leonardo