FSE 2022/2023

You have elected Jan Super and Daniel Foldes to represent you in the FSE Council for the academic year 2022-2023. Cheers to a year of improving student welfare!

Read the manifesto of our elected candidates for the 2022-2023


  • Housing is not only a university level problem, but also faculty level. By making sure
    our students and staff are compensated fairly for having to travel far and making sure
    that everyone can study and work well from a distance we prevent personal loss in
    mental health due to the housing shortage.
  • The University must look towards other examples of housing crises that have been
    dealt with, and should look to follow Vancouver’s model, whereby they invested in
    micro homes to combat the housing crisis. At a faculty level, the council can help in
    aiding the design and development of sustainable micro homes in Maastricht.


  • Achieve a better gender balance within the faculty by organising diversity events and
    making non-male students more prevalent in marketing for FSE. Also set out a campaign
    to find female endowed chairs to make the chair positions within the faculty more
    balanced. At FSE we want to stand for equality and get rid of the stigma around STEM, by
    creating more diversity a more equal playing field is created for both staff and students.
  • More attention to mental health of students, not in the form of forced lectures but
    physical things. Research on meditation has shown it to for example be very effective in
    both reducing stress and staying focussed. By creating special silent spaces students
    can meditate, pray or relax for a little while without distractions. This way all kinds of
    students, such as neurodivergent or religious, have a space to help them achieve what
    they need.
  • A more open way of being a student counciler. By informing students more about the fact
    that they are being represented they can more easily raise personal issues to the council,
    to make sure that everyone is included no matter how unique.

Future of students

  • Live Streaming and recording lectures is a staple of the modern age and should be
    present in all parts of the faculty for good. By including this, students will have more
    freedom to plan out their day and they can make use of recorded education in case of
    resits for example. By making sure students have access to our high level education at all
    times they should perform better with less stress.
  • Incentivise lecturers to better inform students about when they will receive grades and
    have the council check in on lecturers that tend to hand in grades late to make sure they
    don’t need help.
  • Push for a more student oriented resit system in the university council, with more
    freedom regarding what to resit for example. By improving this system not only will there
    be less pressure to perform but students can get a chance to improve even if they barely
  • Better inform students about all the amazing institutes and companies we have the
    pleasure of sharing the faculty with. By organising special events together with the many
    associations the faculty has, such people are given the option to network and find out
    about the faculty. This should also be used in the marketing for FSE, to show potential
    internships that are ahead if a student chooses to join our faculty.
  • Invest more in collaboration between students and research staff, by allowing more
    grants for more projects. Collaboration should not only stay within the bounds of the
    faculty, by funding cross faculty projects a deeper understanding between faculties can
    be reached for better research and more inclusivity.
  • Keep existing study associations well funded and exposed. After a rather heavy covid
    period without personal contact, study associations are the perfect place for students to
    meet and party. Associations are also in contact with very promising companies that can
    provide education and further networking for the future of students.
  • Reinstate the UCM scholarship for Non-EU students. Inclusivity and equality are key in
    today’s society and with an already higher price tag for education for non-EU students
    scrapping such scholarships decreases equality.


  • Special free water points where students can fill up a reusable bottle for free to promote
    staying hydrated and not wasting disposable cups. Make the little coffee store in FSE
    more future proof by heavily promoting the use of reusable coffee cups. With larger cuts
    on coffee price if you buy a reusable bottle or more expensive non reusable coffee.
    Where guests to the faculty can borrow a guest cup so that they don’t have to pay loads
    for coffee because they rarely go to FSE.
  • Find new innovative ways to lower the gas use within the faculty, for a more sustainable
    and safer future