Become a member

Are you interested in NovUM or student representation, but don’t know how to get involved?
Several options exist, such as becoming a member by filling in our membership form.

Why should you join NovUM?

  • We are a large community of politically progressive students from all over the world.
  • We make it our mission to provide a voice for sectors of the student population traditionally underrepresented in UM politics (e.g. international students, disabled students, POC).
  • We want to talk to you all year round, not just in May when we want your vote.
  • We hold regular social and educational events you can participate in for free as a member – there is often free food too!
  • It’s free and easy – no firm time commitment, no hazing, no membership fee!

Being a member is the most flexible position in NovUM. Depending on the time you want to invest, joining the NovUM community allows you to:

  • Receive NovUM’s newsletter: this keeps you updated about everything that is going on in NovUM
  • Participate to NovUM’s General Assemblies: NovUM is not the board’s or the councillor’s party; it is the members’ party! The members are at the center of everything important in the party. Hence, the GAs…
    • Keep you updated
    • Allow you to vote on NovUM’s decisions
    • Offer a space to put forward your own suggestions and thoughts
  • Help with the work in progress: There are many ways to do that.
    • We regularly ask for our members’ input. For example…
      • When we are invited to meetings with UM, we ask for students’ thoughts and concerns on the topics that will adressed
      • When we prepared interviews with national political figures to help educate international students, we incorporated our members’ own interrogations (you can find these interviews here and here)
      • When we prepare for the elections, we create an election committee for the members motivated to help NovUM carry out a successful campaign
    • If you have specific skills, NovUM gives you opportunities to use and showcase them. For instance…
      • Nawid designed most of this website
      • Guido helped us produce the series ‘How to Maastricht
    • If you have project ideas, we can help you implement them. For example…
      • Ioana had an idea to connect the student community with student parties. This is how ‘The Bridge‘ was born!
  • Run for a councillor position with NovUM
  • Become a board member in NovUM

Become part of this great adventure, join the NovUM Family!