Your role

Are you interested in NovUM or student representation, but don’t know how to get involved?
Several options exist, you only have to choose what seems best for you.

Be a follower

Following us on social medias keeps you updated about our public activities and important changes in the party. This is a good way to get to know us. You can also contact a member of the party to know more about NovUM.
If you want to know more about our internal affairs, get to vote on potential changes in the party, and much more, keep reading!

Be a member

We would love to have you part of our amazing community! Being a member is the most flexible position in NovUM, as well as the most flexible way to become politically active. Depending on the time you want to invest, being a member allows you to:

  • Receive NovUM’s newsletter, which keeps you updated about everything that is going on in NovUM
  • Participate to NovUM’s General Assemblies, which also keeps you updated, as well as gives you the right to vote on NovUM’s decisions and offers a space to put forward your own suggestions and thoughts. For instance, the members have voted for NovUM’s pillars and logos and they review our budget. NovUM is not the board’s or the councillor’s party; it is the members’ party! Therefore, they vote for and are at the center of all major decisions about the party.
  • Help with the work in progress. There are many ways to do that.
    • We regularly ask for our members’ input. For example, when we are invited to meetings with UM, we ask for students’ thoughts and concerns on the topics that will adressed; when we prepared interviews with national political figures to help educate international students, we incorporated our members’ own interrogations; as we prepare the elections, we have formed an election committee for the students motivated to help NovUM carry out a successful campaign. The more brains, the more brilliant! Members are an unvaluable part of a party.
    • If you have specific skills, NovUM gives you opportunities to apply and showcase them. For instance, Nawid designed most of this website and Guido helped us produce the series ‘How to Maastricht‘; many thanks to you guys!
    • If you have amazing ideas, we can help you implement them. For example, Ioana had a great idea to involve the student community with student parties. This is how ‘The Bridge‘ was born!
  • Run for a councillor position via NovUM
  • Become a board member

Become part of this great adventure!

Be a councillor

Every year in May, elections are held to renew the students member of the university and faculty councils. The councils represent UM’s staff and students and impact UM’s direction. Depending on the matter, the councils must advise on new initiatives, consent to them, assess them, monitor them and/or submit proposals. Learn more about the councils with this short video NovUM has created for you.

Concrete examples of what the councils have done so far are:

  • Creating a platform for students having trouble finding a room
  • Implementing e-lectures and e-books in most faculties
  • Increasing the number of study places and extending their opening hours
  • Reducing the time students have to wait to see UM’s psychologists
  • Making UM more accessible for people using wheelchair
  • Making available free Dutch language courses for all UM students
  • Increasing the quality, diversity and sustainability of UM’s food
  • Implementing the Green Office and waste separation

Also, each council has a fixed number of seats for student representatives.

  • University Council: 10
  • FASoS Council: 5
  • FHML Council: 9
  • FPN Council: 5
  • FSE Council: 6
  • Law Faculty Council: 6
  • SBE Faculty Council: 6

You can be part of these councils!
Do you want to be at the heart of change in UM? Do you want to defend our shared values in a council? Run for a representative position in one of the councils with NovUM! Contact us.

Be a board member

Every year in June, the current board calls for applications to constitute the board for the next year. In a nutshell:

  • The president represents NovUM and ensures all projects and tasks are achieved in time
  • The vice president helps the president, and usually coordinates the election period
  • The treasurer takes care of the financial aspects of the party
  • The secretary takes care of the administrative matters, ensures that the meetings are organised and minuted, and in general communicates a lot within and out of the party
  • The political officer ensures good relations and communication with our members, councillors, partners and with other parties’ and associations’ board. The PO is also responsible for increasing our number of members, councillors and partners
  • The public relations officer ensures NovUM’s presence in students’ life by making NovUM active online (Facebook, Instagram, website), and offline (diverse events)

Do you want to manage the party? Do you think your skills would fit one of the jobs above? Apply for a board position in June!