University 2021/2022

For the 2021-2022 academic year, you have elected Alexandra Panou as your student representative. Cheers to a new year of enhanced student welfare!

Check out the full results of the elections here. This page also tells you about what the councils are; so does that page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you any questions!

Read the manifesto of our amazing candidates for the 2021 Elections

Prioritize student wellbeing

  1. Cut the bureaucracy, phone number of UM psychologist 
  2. Reform the UM psychological help website
  3. Implement 24/7 mental health call centre where students can seek help openly or anonymously (such as in UTilburg) 
  4. Allow the extension of deadlines for extenuating circumstances (e.g., by adding Covid-19 mental health as a new addition in the hardship clause)
  5. No renewing of the Proctorio contract; testvision is sufficient
  6. Create a UM-wide policy for the fair rescheduling invalidated exams

Stop harassment and discrimination

  1. Initiate a new UM office where reports of harassment or discrimination can be lodged 
  2. Produce educational posters/ pamphlets and lectures on topics such as sexuality, discrimination, and consent 
  3. Create a direct line of communication between the councils and student organizations (e.g., Amnesty, InBetween) 
  4. Set up a space where student organizations can be heard in the University Council and provide reports (such as the Feminist of Maastricht map of high risk areas of harassment) 

Student healthcare and housing

  1. Provide free period products in all UM facilities
  2. Provide free contraception (condoms) 
  3. Provide a list of Maastricht GPs through the Student Service Centre 
  4. Ensure decent housing for decent price by fighting for a student complex in Randwyck through a Municipality-University dialogue
  5. Promote existing initiatives helping students dealing with shady landlords such as Huurteam Maastricht, housedesk and the free Maastricht Lawyers

New UM activities & student opportunities

  1.  Create a yearly coss-University competition entailing contests for debates, innovation, projects, entrepreneurship, talents to build students’ CV and receive UM recognition  
  2. Implement a secondhand day to foster sustainability within our UM community, where every student can bring clothes and exchange them for those of other students 
  3. Set up a student food bank open for everyone once a week to have a good time around a warm free meal and some cheap drinks for a lively spirit 

UM facilities sustainability

  1. Provide eco-friendly toilet paper and soap
  2. Set up a small Oxfam kiosk for snacks
  3. Give out air purifying plant seeds (e.g. Chrysanthemum) 
  4. Foster cooperation between Faculty Councils to create student gardening initiatives 
  5. Implement new biodegradable coffee cups