SBE Faculty 2019

Manifesto 2019

Dear students of SBE,

We are a group of passionate students who aim to improve the quality at SBE while focusing on sustainability and integration.

We strive for excellence in the quality of our education. To accommodate this, we believe that improved tutor selection, a smaller tutorial group size, the recording and publishing of all lectures, and better facilitated tutorial rooms are necessary. Additionally, we recognize the value of the Student Guide Program, however, we believe that there is still room for improvement.

A sustainable environment is crucial in today’s society, therefore, we want to increase the sustainability of the SBE. First off all, we believe all books should be made available as e-books and hard copies of assignments should be eliminated in order to save paper. This will also save costs for students. Furthermore, we support the usage of more sustainable energy. Finally, we strive for more affordable, healthy, and sustainable catering services at the SBE.

Internships and work experience are valued greatly on the job market, therefore we want to offer more and diverse opportunities to students. We believe that your timetable should be adaptable to accommodate your extra-curricular activities.

Your university, your future!
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Candidates for 2018/2019 elections

Jasper ter Borg – Sabine Voss