Humans of NovUM Martin

Hey NovUMers! Today our guest is Martin. He has been with us since 2015 and had a tremendous contribution to our party. Before coming to Maastricht he studied International Relations in Groningen. After that he was looking for something social and yet intellectual to do. Upon arriving in Maastricht he went out in search for it and found some of our older members at an information market. He clicked with the team right away and proceeded to join NovUM. Martin’s contribution to our association has been tremendous. After a not so successful run for the University Council he decided to not give up and turn all his enthusiasm to run for a board position, where he eventually became the president.
One of the best memories he has of NovUM is a while back, when he was going through a rough time, and the NovUM members spread some NovUM love helping him get through this.
Now, Martin is part of a new political party that is running for the municipal elections in March. His exchange in Brussels in pursuit of politics together with his time spend with NovUM, he said, were the basis that helped him with his colleagues to create this new party.