FASoS Council Manifesto

Meet the amazing candidates who are eager to represent you and read the ideas they want to fight for in the council!

  1. Extension of deadlines and resits
  2. Implementation of reflection and/or resit weeks
  3. Increase in the focus on student mental health and improvement of support systems for students (e.g., introduction of a student on student ‘buddy’ system to help out one another, creation of additional support other than student advisors, introduction of support systems specifically for international students’ issues)
  4. More awareness on sustainability (e.g., by making more and mandatory presentations/lectures about how to be sustainable and why it is important for us to be sustainable as students)
  5. More assistance and support regarding housing (e.g., by mapping and supporting sustainable and affordable accommodation for students such as Match housing)
  6. More awareness and support regarding today’s gender-based violence and discrimination (e.g., by addressing experiences of sexual harassment and intimidations, providing free period products for women in the whole of UM)