FASoS 2018/2019

Meet your FASoS Representatives for 2018/2019 and read what they stand for!




Dear fellow FASOS Students,

The NovUM student representatives of the Faculty Council have already contributed to an improved study experience. We have for instance managed to create the Career Orientation Day, introduced language courses for Arts and Culture students and secured 5.000 Euro to build up a common room. We, as candidates for NovUM for next year, want to continue the ongoing projects and further improve our faculty with new ideas.


What does a vote for NovUM get you?

Forum FASoS

A faculty that serves as a forum for critical and fruitful debate on contemporary social and political issues. We believe that it is important to increasingly inform students more with current political issues. Therefore, we want a forum where students can exchange and get informed about political topics. We believe that contemporary socio-political issues must be addressed more at our faculty for the impact it has on humanity. Therefore, we plan to initiate open lectures and debates with a variety of active organizations to engage students with socio-political struggles around the world.

A cosmopolitan FASoS  

A faculty in which students are not constrained by national, linguistic or cultural barriers. We will facilitate social interaction outside these cliques so students actually build up an international network. We will promote this linguistic and national cross pollination by organizing social events in the faculty that motivates people out of their own linguistic circles. We will also help our foreign students to learn and speak the Dutch language.

Fair grading system

As of now, students do not get sufficient feedback on their exam results. It remains unclear what is expected of students and how their exams are graded. We will work towards a common framework in which students can understand what is required of them during the exam.

With such method, students will be able to compare their performances and ensure they are held to the same standards. Additionally, the feedback on papers has to become more specific in order to ensure a more transparent grading procedure for all students.

Are there any problems in the faculty that you would like to see addressed? Or do you have an idea to make FASOS even better? As your representatives, we would love to hear what you have to say both before and after the elections!

Dear fellow students,
your vote matters! go out and vote for improving your faculty!

Candidates for 2018/2019 elections

Phillip Hobelsberger, Tania Comenencia, Lou Maessen, Ahmad Rifai, Martin van Rooij