What’s up?

What is happening?

On May 17-20th, all UM students have the chance to vote to elect the students that will represent them in the council of their faculty, and in the university council.

Why should I vote?

Voting in the elections is a chance to ensure that your values are defended all year round in the university! Indeed, the university and faculty councils are an integral part of UM’s decision-making process. The elected student representatives sit in these councils with representatives from the staff to review UM’s work and give input. Get to know more about the councils with this article that NovUM has created for you. By electing somebody with similar values and ideas as you, you guarantee that these values and ideas are represented and fought for during UM’s decision making.

For whom should I vote?

Candidates usually run in the elections with a party to have more chances of being elected. Therefore, you have several ways to make a choice. Firstly, a certain party may have values that are core to yours too. For instance, student housing, education, sustainability, and internationalism are NovUM’s pillars because they are crucial to students and us. You can read more about why we have these pillars and how we want to defend them at UM here. If you agree with all this, you may well want to vote for us!

Secondly, a certain candidate may have won your heart with their ideas, qualifications, and/or personalities. If you feel that one candidate is especially suited to represent you in one of UM’s councils, take a minute and help this candidate win their campaign! We are proud to have amazing lists of determined candidates; stay tuned on Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn to get to know them!

How can I vote?

It is very simple! You can vote between 17 May, 8:00 to 20 May, 18:00 (Central European Time) and you just have to follow these steps: