Election Results

On the 28th of May the results were presented in the Kruithuis (SBE).
NovUM is proud to state that we increased our seat amount with three (3) more seats! Both NovUM and DOPE have now twenty-two (22) seats, VOX has now one (1) seat.

The council members for the academic year of 2014 – 2015 are:

University Council
Saeed Banaama
Michael Dijkstra
Bettina Geiling
Lisbeth Huber
Olav de Wit

Anne Flotho-Liersch
Lisa Hermanns
James Mackle
Sofia Vossen

Rick Claessen
Hakan Deveci
Zenab Mohseni
Vicky Nwos

Sophie Mäder
Tara Merk
Mariana Pelicano de Almeida

Gloria Bozyigit
Emily Daemen
Jurgen van Heertum

Miriam Betz
Stéphanie Le Clercq
Philipp Warum