University Council

Meet your University Council Representatives for 2017/2018 and read what they stand for!


As candidates for NovUM for University Council, we strongly believe in a student-centred approach to education. Flexible scheduling that allows students to combine a full-time study with work or extracurriculars will make studying financially viable for more students and allow you to make the most of your time at UM.

Lecture recordings will enable you to catch up on missed lectures on the Student Portal as well as prepare for exams efficiently.

One free language course per year gives you the chance to explore a foreign language without worrying about the costs, leaving you well-prepared for an international workplace.

We want affordable university catering for every student, because nutritious food can make or break a study day. Currently, many students are forced to bring food from third-party providers or home due to high prices at the university mensa and food courts. We have already introduced diversity by bringing halal and vegan meals to you last year, but we would like to expand upon this achievement by ensuring affordable organic and allergy-friendly options are available to you as well. In our opinion, catering opening hours should follow educational schedules, so that fresh food and drinks are available whenever you get hungry, even after that evening class.

UM used to be the most sustainable university in the Netherlands; we want to bring this back and make the university green again. Paperless learning not only saves you money by cutting down on printing costs, but also improves sustainability ratings. E-books are a great alternative to printed literature and can be made available 24/7 to fit student schedules. Promising pilot projects have been implemented at FPN, we want to extend this benefit to students of all faculties.

Currently, study places are scarce; we want to make sure that every student can find an inspiring place to study, especially during exam week. Last year, we created more study spaces at the Randwyck library, UM sports and the Tapijn Learning Spaces. This year, we would like to focus on creating more in new university buildings, so you can look forward to a fresh learning environment.

We want you to perform your best during your stay at UM, and support staff like student psychologists, study advisors and career services form an important part of your future. We want to improve career services to make you as employable as possible upon graduation. Vote NovUM for University Council!

Candidates for 2017/2018 elections

Rebecca Kavanagh – Tasmin Rüffert – Thomas Vaessen – Martin van Rooij – Jurgen van Heertum