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Meet your FdR Representatives for 2017/2018 and read what they stand for!



Dear Law Students,

We are Thijs, Liza, Gabriele, Veerle, Dilara, Jurgen and Kristi. We are running for the Faculty Council for the year 2017-2018. We want to represent the law students in order to improve our faculty. Hereby we want to present you our main points:


It is important to have a realistic view on the path you will take towards your future. Thus, NovUM believes that it is essential to integrate different social and educational aspects of law into students’ future career. We aim to achieve a closer connection between students and legal experts by creating more possibilities for them to talk about their experience in their field of law. This will make the students more aware of the practical aspects of their law degree and any possible specialisation. Approaching your study in both a theoretical and a practical way makes you more prepared for your future!


We all have to stick to deadlines. Otherwise, we have to face the consequences. But what about the deadlines for the staff members? NovUM sees that there are issues regarding the publication of grades and courses. We believe that the rules should, therefore, also be enforced.


We want to manage the study spaces in a more efficient way. This includes an update of the computer rooms. Nowadays, almost all students have their own laptop. Which means that unused computers take up a lot of space. We want to give a greater meaning to these rooms by removing the unnecessary computers. Removing the computers will create more convenient study places.


Finding new ways to make the Faculty greener is a high priority for us. Raising awareness and integrating more sustainability into the education is the step towards a more greener university. Course manuals are already available in PDF files. So why not more materials? NovUM wants students to be able to choose digital form as well. It is not only easily accessible but makes our university paper-free!

Vote NovUM if you also think that it is important to have convenient study places, improve the study quality, contribute to sustainability and promote integration.

With your vote, we can make the Law Faculty even greater!

Candidates for 2017/2018 elections

Gabriele Gotkovic – Jurgen van Heertum- Dilara Karasahin
Veerle van Waarde – Thijs Mijnhout – Liza Ovsyanko