FdR / Law

Meet your FdR Representatives for 2018/2019 and read what they stand for!



Beloved Law Students,

Running on behalf of NovUM, we would like to introduce ourselves: we are Lucas, Sophie, Laura, Liza and Jermandy. As prospective representatives we aim to achieve several goals with the inclusion of effective communication, attentive education and pro-active sustainability.  

Regarding communication, we feel like there is a lot of improvement possible. Our faculty offers our students a lot of information but they are often unaware of this. By improving communication about their possibilities, students can grow and achieve much more than they already do. Furthermore, the faculty will grow with the additional building at Kapoenstraat. A common room for all members of the faculty would improve interaction between students and professors, which could result in increasing employability possibilities. We want to stay updated on this and organize brainstorming sessions to find an ideal common ground for the use of the new building.

PBL is a significant step towards successful disciplinary skill development. There is ambiguity regarding the way through which the education procedure is followed. Focus should be placed on the introduction of PBL and therefore a full introduction week would provide time for new students to explore the PBL system in order to familiarise themselves with it. Furthermore, modernization of the PBL system is important to guarantee up to date quality of our education. This may be achieved through ensuring consistency of tutors regarding their teaching method. Moreover, with attention to the personal needs of students, we think an introduction of a structured mentorship program is necessary. As such, students will have the possibility to take the initiative to talk to someone if they want to.

Promoting green initiatives in the university is one of our most important goals and we recognize there is room for improvement. The availability of more recycling bins will make it easier for everyone to contribute to this goal. Also, we would like to stimulate the use of personal mugs and thereby reduce the use of paper cups. To achieve this, we want to offer discounts to people who bring their own mugs. Furthermore, a key aspect towards this goal is the transfer of study materials to digital form with the goal of reducing paper waste.

Giving us your vote ensures your concerns will be heard. This involves having us to be accessible and open to listen to your ideas and concerns throughout the year.

Sophie Franssen, Lucas Sperka, Liza Ovsyanko, Jermandy Damon and Laura Winkens