Meet your FPN Representatives for  2017/2018 and read what they stand for!



As members of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, we are delighted for the opportunity to represent our fellow students and the NovUM party in the faculty council. While we love studying at FPN with its interesting topics, skilled tutors and scientific focus, we believe that there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

Did you ever have to do an assignment just because you got sick? NovUM is convinced that the current regulations regarding tutorial attendance do not support a healthy lifestyle amongst FPN students. We want to promote more flexible timetables that allow you to join extracurricular activities, keep up with your work schedule and don’t impose an unnecessary burden to students who cannot attend for valid reasons.

Connecting with scientists globally is essential for modern research. University exchange provides a perfect base for this. NovUM believes the opportunity to study abroad shouldn’t be based on academic achievement but should be available for everyone: To gain knowledge, develop highly relevant soft skills and generally improve employability. To ensure valuable experiences. We think it’s necessary to establish new partnerships with more diverse, high-profile research universities globally.

In the past, NovUM has achieved the establishment of lecture recordings, providing an online platform to deepen your understanding and allow for better exam preparation. While many students value this convenient opportunity, most lecturers do not upload slides beforehand. We think, that the ability to take notes directly into the lecture slides would greatly improve your learning progress and want to establish the availability of lecture scripts prior to classes.

We are aware that Randwyck is not known for delicious and affordable food, therefore many students like to bring their own lunch or eat at home. Since we believe that eating together between classes is a crucial element for a better work atmosphere, we helped to equip our buildings with microwaves in the past. This year, we want to provide water boilers that are accessible for all students, so you can share a nice cup of tea together with your (coffee-drinking) fiends.

Finally, we feel that our faculty could improve employability. Especially in the bachelor, little attention is given to the possible futures of psychologists. NovUM would like to see more focus on the work field of psychology, so that students can be prepared better, and can explore which fields they like best.

If you want to make your voice heard and improve student life at FPN, vote NovUM!


Candidates for 2017/2018 elections

Thomas Vaessen – Sophie Raible – Laura Winkens