Meet your FHS/FSE Representatives for 2018/2019 and read what they stand for!


Dear FHS students,

We are Sander Brouwers and Oskar Oonk, both engaged first year students of UCM and members of NovUM. We hope to represent you, the students from DKE, MSP, UCV and UCM, in the FHS faculty council. In the faculty council we want to address issues that concern all departments. The quality of education, sustainability and the democratic input, after all, are important for all students irrespective of their bachelor. Moreover, we want bring together the different departments and work on eliminating disparities whilst preserving the innate characteristics that define each department.
We have prioritized three issues.

First, we strive for better education. Amongst other issues, we see improvement in the feedback system by making inspection hours more accessible, as feedback constitutes a major part of the learning process.

Secondly, acknowledging the efforts made by UM with its 2030 Sustainability Vision, we want to see this vision be further developed within the faculty and work on reducing waste production and the use of natural resources to eradicate unnecessary production.

Thirdly, we want to optimize the democratic institutions in place by regularly hosting fora in the different departments where we can sound current issues in the faculty council with students and also receive feedback and issues that we can bring back to the council.

For this to happen, however, you need to vote NovUM and everything will be ok.


Bullet points:

  • Improved feedback!
  • More input from students!
  • Less waste production!
  • Meeting the future


Oskar Oonk – Sander Brouwers