FSE 2021/2022

For the 2021-2022 academic year, your student representative is Jan Super. Cheers to a new year of enhanced student welfare!

Check out the full results of the elections here. This page also tells you about what the councils are; so does that page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you any questions!

Read the manifesto of our amazing candidates for the 2021 Elections


  • Record lectures and continue using collaborate ultra
  • Continue use of collaborate ultra for diverse methods of learning (on-site/at home)
  • Analysis of different methods of education used during covid (based on pass/fail rate,  feedback from students and teachers, what worked? What did not? What should be continued?)
  • More classes at FSE for Business Engineering students (since FSE is the “main” faculty the course is part of)
  • Revert back to old way of online exams (pre-proctorio)

Social life/connections 

  • Organize social events and activities as covid measure get eased
  • Organise something like the Maastricht Business Days but for FSE
  • Better way of connecting with outside companies for employability
  • More exchange with students from other countries (easy collaboration with other uni’s that have volt representatives as well)

Life at FSE 

  • More open and transparent council (including newsletters with updates, get other students involved)
  • Experimenting with free (healthy) food for FSE students
  • Free period products on both male and female toilets (Also on male for those that identify as a male that have periods or general hygienic/medical benefits)
  • Get in touch with the municipality to create more affordable student housing

Mental health 

  • Best case scenario we get a counsellor/more active UM psychologists (problems with health insurance)
  • Peer support group (organise events for wellbeing e.g., dealing with exam stress: bubble wrap popping, making Christmas cookies, fundraising)


  • More bins on campus (separate waste, with clear instructions of what can and cannot go in each bin)
  • Recycled paper for printers
  • Led lamps/sensors to use as little electricity as possible
  • Creative ways of reusing/upcycling (making grocery bags out of old t-shirts, use old containers as flower pots)


  • Create a safe space for those who have felt misunderstood and/or discriminated against in order to create a sense of belonging (LGBTQA+, race, gender, neurodiversity, etc.) 
  • Create a platform where people can listen, learn, get inspired, and feel empowered (get others involved to create videos, podcasts, animations, write articles, …)