FPN 2021/2022

For the 2021-2022 academic year, you have elected Emma Remacle and Emma Salewski as your student representatives. Cheers to a new year of enhanced student welfare!

Check out the full results of the elections here. This page also tells you about what the councils are; so does that page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you any questions!

Read the manifesto of our amazing candidates for the 2021 Elections

Hey guys ! We are excited to present ourselves to you. We are students in the bachelor of FPN. Both Emmas are first year students while Rana and Jasmina are third year students. We really want to show you how motivated we are by showing you what we want to change.

First, regarding the academic year, we want feedback after every paper we hand in, plus a defined date for the grades release. We also want more diversity in the scientists we study. Enough of white males supporting patriarchy, we want to hear around women and other males from other cultures! Furthermore, what problems did you encounter within your tutorials? We noticed a lack of participation due to online tutorials and we would like to change this by making the students feel more comfortable in
the online/hybrid meetings. Do you feel like you don’t get the purpose of the portfolio? Let us change that! We want to have a lecture which will explain to you the purpose and why it really is important.

Then, regarding anxiety, we have lots of ideas too. Let’s try to find a new schedule for resits and exams, so they won’t overlap that much anymore. We also want new ways of online examinations that are less time consuming for students and the staff. If the problem is not the system but your anxiety, what about training sessions to learn to get rid of it? Or parole groups? Chats/forums to where you could free yourself of your thoughts?
We noticed that there was no visibility in what the University has already done for such problems, therefore we would like to do an awareness campaign to make everyone know.

Relationally, online system is the worst. Of course we would love hybrid education back to let students have a choice. However, if this is not possible we would want to implement get-to-know sessions, or team building sessions. No more pre-recorded lectures! And 15 minutes time after each
tutorial/lecture for students who want to still speak/ask questions to the tutor/professor.

Regarding sustainability, we want to add posters above plastic bins so each time a student will throw something made of plastic, he will see what consequences this will have on climate. Furthermore, we want to implement discounts if students bring their own Tupperware or mugs and
stuff in every eatery around the Faculty.

Guys, if you agree with us, we can promise you that voting for one of us will make this happen.