About NovUM

NovUM is a student representation party at Maastricht University. Established in 2003, we have been continuously striving to make the university a better place to study. Our main focuses are ensuring access to quality education, achieving transparency within the university policies, promoting integration between International students, Dutch students and the city, and raising the awareness for sustainability in and around the university. With members in all Faculty Councils and also the University Council we have a great deal of influence in student politics. Since 2014 NovUM is the largest student representation party at Maastricht University with 22 out of the 45 available seats in the various Councils. NovUM prides itself on its international outlook, we communicate and conduct all meetings entirely in English. Join NovUM to continue the great work we have achieved throughout the years and make your voice heard.

To learn more about our currents goals and policies check out our: Party Manifesto 1 (1)